We’re excited to bring the Thanks for Farming Tour to Alberta!

This trade show is packed with innovative exhibitors and engaging sessions with speakers like Leslie Kelly of Do More Ag and a local farmer round table moderated by none other than Quick Dick McDick.

Join us for complimentary coffee, pastries, lunch and drinks!

We’re BIG on giving back, so ALL TICKET SALES will be donated to 2 very worthy local charities (check out more about them below)

We’ll see you in Red Deer!

Giving Back

We’re proud to give back to the future of Ag in Canada, and were honoured to support these two worthy charities

Ticket sales for November 11th show donated to:

24 Red Deer Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron crestArmy CadetsRed Deer Sea Cadets

Red Deer Cadet Programs

It’s only fitting that our ticket sales donation on Remembrance Day, November 11th is in support of the 24 Red Deer Royal Canadian Air Cadets, the 1390 Army Cadets of Red Deer and the Red Deer Sea Cadets.

Ticket sales for November 12th show donated to:

Smiles for Lindsay Foundation logo

Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation

Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation is geared towards providing mental health awareness and education through school programs, public speeches, and fundraising events. To date, $30,000 has gone towards training and education programs in our community.