Winkler, MB

  • July 26 & 27
  • 8am–5pm
  • Meridian Exhibition Centre

Giving Back

We’re proud to give back to each community we visit, and honoured to support this worthy charity

Central Station Community Centre sign

Central Station offers support, connections and programs for the local community. We advocate for support and provide hope and mentorship to those seeking skills and connection and provide a place of belonging, and offer support – physically, emotionally and spiritually so that individuals and families can thrive.

Central Station is a community centre in the heart of Winkler. We are a hub that can help connect community members to the resources they’re needing. At Central Station, we are dedicated to:

  • providing a safe & comfortable space with programs and other opportunities to find community
  • social advocacy for those in need
  • help support & provide solutions for community members needing safe & affordable housing