For Trade Show Exhibitors

Social Distancing and Fire Regulations 

The Thanks for Farming Tour, will adhere to Social Distancing requirements as specified by all Provincial Health Organizations. This means that your specified booth space or allocation must be adhered to without deviation. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated so that there are no infractions such as exit blockage. 

Fire regulations prohibit the use of any kind of bales or other potential fire hazards within the buildings. Roofed buildings are also prohibited inside the pavilions as they block the sprinkler system from operating efficiently should an emergency occur. If you are concerned about anything you are planning to display, please contact show management. 


All exhibitors are responsible for carrying their own insurance (general and third party liability) related to their participation at the show (minimum $2,000,000 liability), please add Thanks for Farming Tour Ltd. as an additional assured to your policy. Insurance can be made out to: Thanks for Farming Tour , 201 South Railway Ave., Winkler, MB R6W 1J9. 

Copies of your certificate of insurance must be emailed to no later than one week prior to arrival. No exhibitor can move-in or receive their exhibitor packages & passes until submission of Certificate of Insurance. 

Lotteries and Draws 

Draws and/or lotteries are prohibited. 


In accordance with social distancing regulations, aisles must not be obstructed at any time. Demonstrations must be conducted within the aisle line of the exhibit space. If several attendees are expected to congregate at one time, space must be left within each exhibit area with sufficient social distancing space within separate parties. Should spectators interfere with normal traffic flow in the aisle or overflow into the aisle, show management reserves the right to request that such presentations be limited or discontinued. This will be strictly enforced, no exceptions. 

Outdoor exhibitors are encouraged to give demonstrations to attendees. Show management will need to be made aware of any demonstrations that will be conducted during show hours ahead of time as approval will need to be given. 

Food and Beverage 

Exhibitors are not permitted to serve any food or beverages in their exhibit area unless expressly permitted in writing from the Thanks for Farming Tour and will need to be approved by the host venue.. 

Early Dismantle 

We will be shutting down the Thanks for Farming Tour at 5:00 pm on the last day of each event. We ask that no company dismantles their booth until or after 5:00 pm. 

Advertising and Marketing 

All advertising for the show promotion will be distributed through Thunderstruck Sales and Marketing. The Marketing Coordinator Ryan Kehler can be reached directly at or phone number at 1 855 752 5525. 

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor 

Once you have registered for the specific locations you plan on attending, a package will be sent pertaining to all the information for the specific locations. 

Reminder: Standard Power is included in your booth rental (indoor only). If you require outdoor power this will have to be requested ahead of time to ensure we can meet this request. Outdoor power outlets will be limited at each location and may be dependent on location of exhibitor booth space. 

Shipping packages and or dropping off Equipment

This will vary from venue to venue and specifics on these area’s will be in your venue package that you register for. 

Onsite Storage 

Please be advised there will be very little onsite storage at these events. You will be responsible for storing any needed material within your booth space. Exhibit crates will be stored outside in the parking lot, in designated areas. 

Machine Cleaning 

There will be one dedicated washing area set up, for each venue. Direct contact information will be given in the venue packages.   Cleaning of equipment is the responsibility of the exhibitor and at your own expense. 

Privacy Policy 

Corporate names and booth locations will be published in show advertising material. Corporate names, website, addresses and business categories will be included on our website: 

Disclosure to Third Parties – The Thanks for Farming Tour may share your information with its affiliates, who may use it only in accordance with this Policy. Your personally identifiable information is never sold and, except as specifically provided in this Policy or permitted by law, will not be shared with third parties unless we provide you with both prior notice and choice. 


The list of the Thanks for Farming exhibitors is released only under the following conditions: to other exhibitors (corporate names and booth locations, in hard copy only); to comply with any statutory requirements. 

Terms and Conditions

The Thanks for Farming Tour Management reserves the right to place all exhibitors in the show.
If the exhibit space is cancelled prior to May 31st,2021, no financial penalty will be incurred. On June 1 a 50% partial payment will be invoiced with the remaining balance due June 15th.

Payment must be made within thirty (30) days from receipt of initial invoice and of final payment reminder. All invoices that are past due by 30 days or more from the date that the invoice is sent out will be charged a late payment fee of 5% of the original invoice. NSF Cheques will be seen as non-payment and it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to provide payment by the original due date.

Refund Policy

All cancellations of exhibit space must be done in writing, via email and the following refund policies will apply: 

  • Exhibitors cancelling before May 31st will be charged 10% of the total space rental amount. 
  • Exhibitors cancelling before June 15th (but after May 31st) will be charged 25% of the total space rental amount. 
  • Exhibitors cancelling after June 15th will forfeit all space payments and/or deposits 
  • In the event that The Thanks for Farming Tour is cancelled due to COVID-19, exhibitors and partners will have the option to have all deposits and payments refunded less 10% for administration costs or apply payment in full to 2022 Thanks for Farming Tour.